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FlexiForce 센서는 2 개의 평편한 면 사이에
 센서가  위치합니다. 
압력을 가하는 부분이 곡면 형태이면 정확한
 측정값을  얻을 수 없으며 센서가 파손됩니다.
FlexiForce 센서는 필림 구조로 되어있는 소모성 
부품이며 상대적인 압력변화를 측정하는
 용도로 사용하여야 합니다.
Flexiforce 센서를 절대 압력 측정 용도로 사용할 때
 센서간의 편차가 5~20% 발생할 수 있습니다.
절대 압력 측정은 스트레인 게이지를 이용하여야 합니다.

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With its paper-thin construction, flexibility and force measurement ability, the FlexiForce® sensor can measure force between almost any two surfaces and is durable enough to stand up to most environments. FlexiForce® has better sensor properties, linearity, hysteresis, drift and temperature sensitivity than any other thin film force sensor.

The FlexiForce® A101 sensor is an ultra-thin (0.005"), flexible printed circuit. It is 0.55" (14 mm) wide and 8" (203 mm) in length. The active sensing area is a 0.375" diameter circle at the end of the sensor. The sensors are constructed of two layers of substrate, such as a polyester film. On each layer, a conductive material (silver) is applied, followed by a layer of pressure-sensitive ink. Adhesive is then used to laminate the two layers of substrate together to form the sensor. The active sensing area is defined by the silver circle on top of the pressure-sensitive ink. Silver extends from the sensing area to the connectors at the other end of the sensor, forming the conductive leads. A101 sensors are terminated with a 3-pin Berg Clincher™ connector, which allows them to be incorporated into a circuit. The two outer pins of the connector are active and the center pin is inactive.

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The FlexiForce® single element sensor acts as a resistor in an electrical circuit. When the sensor is unloaded, its resistance is very high. When a force is applied to the sensor, this resistance decreases. The resistance can be read by connecting an ohmmeter to the outer two pins of the sensor connector and applying a force to the sensing area.

There are many ways to integrate the A101 sensor into an application. One way is to incorporate it into a force-to-voltage circuit. A means of calibration must then be established to convert the output into the appropriate engineering units. Depending on the setup, an adjustment could then be done to increase or decrease the sensitivity of the sensor.

FlexiForce® single element sensors are independent of electronics and allow OEM engineers and designers to use the patented Tekscan sensor technology to suit almost all of their force measurement needs. These durable sensors are flexible and pliable enough to allow for non-intrusive measurement, can be attached to many surfaces, and can be combined with plastic or metal films for increased stiffness or for added protection from abrasion. FlexiForce® sensors are so versatile that they can be custom designed to meet all of your specific application needs.


Physical Properties

Thickness   0.005" (0.127 mm)
Length   8.000" (203 mm) End of connector to tip of sensor
Width   0.55" (14 mm)
Active sensing area   0.375" (9.53 mm) Diameter
Connector    3 pin Berg Clincher™ Connector - Part# 66226-003 (mates with Part# 65801-003)

Standard Force Ranges

(as tested with circuit shown below)

0 - 1 lb. (4.4 N) 0 - 500 lb. (2224 N)
0 - 25 lb. (111 N) 0 - 1,000 lb. (4448 N)
0 - 100 lb. (444 N)

Typical Performance

Linearity (Error):   < ±5% (Line drawn from 0 to 50% load)
Repeatability:    < ±2.5% of Full Scale (Conditioned Sensor, 80% of Full Force Applied)
Hysteresis:    < 4.5 % of Full Scale (Conditioned Sensor, 80% of Full Force Applied)
Drift:    < 3% / logarithmic time (Constant Load - 25 lb.)
Rise Time:    < 20 µsec (Impact load - recorded on Oscilloscope)
Operating Temperature:    15°F - 140°F (-9°C - 60°C)*

* Force reading change per degree of temperature change = ±0.2% / °F (0.36%/°C)
* For loads less than 10 lb., the operating temperature can be increased to 165° F (74° C)


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품목코드 사양
A201-1 0-453 gram
A201-25 0-11 Kg
A201-100 0-45 Kg
A201-1-2 0-453 gram 길이: 2 Inch
A201-25-2 0-11 Kg 길이: 2 Inch
A201-100-2 0-45 Kg 길이: 2 Inch